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Non-disclosure of Personal Data

Unless otherwise specified in this Privacy Statement, we will not sell, disclose, or distribute any of your Personal Data to any outside parties. Your Personal Data may be shared with other Alpex Drugs affiliates around the world if they agree to treat it in compliance with this Privacy Policy. Further processing in compliance with the purpose(s) for which the information were collected directly or may otherwise be lawfully processed, such as the provision of services, evaluation of the usefulness of this website, marketing, data management, or technical support, may also involve the transfer of Personal Data to third parties who act for or on our behalf. Unless required by law, approved by us, or as otherwise specified in this Privacy Policy, these third parties are contractually obligated to keep your personal information confidential and use it solely for the agreed-upon purpose.

If the business of this site or a portion of it and the customer data associated with it is sold, assigned, or transferred, in which particular instance we would require the buyer, assignee, or transferee to treat Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, we may also transfer to such third party the Personal Data that we have collected from you. In addition, we may share your personal information with a third party if we are required to do so by law, court order, or governmental regulation, or if sharing this information is necessary to assist in any criminal or other formal investigation or proceeding in the United States or any other country.


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This website’s contents are not intended for distribution beyond your own personal use. No express or implied licence is granted in respect of the content of this website or any company-specific trademarks or service marks displayed on this website; all such rights are reserved by Alpex Pharma. Accessing, using, or reproducing any of the material or property rights contained on this website without permission is forbidden and may result in legal action. Without Alpex Pharma’s express written permission, you may not copy or distribute any content from this website.

Legal action may be taken against anybody who violates the law by downloading, re-transmitting, copying, or otherwise modifying trademarks or the website’s content without authorization. There is no classified material on the Alpex Pharma site. Data in the public domain can be freely shared and reproduced, however Alpex Pharma should be credited for any further use. Documents or other information resources supplied or licenced by private individuals, companies, or organisations and made available on the Alpex Pharma website may be subject to copyright protection under international or country specific laws. Without the express explicit permission of the copyright holders, you may not transmit or reproduce protected items in excess of fair use, as set forth in copyright laws. You can use the contact form or the listed address and phone number to notify us of any unauthorised use of copyrighted content on this site, and we will promptly remove it.


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