We are a leading pharma contract manufacturing company, and our extensive product line treats a wide range of medical conditions. Our areas of expertise include anti-infectives, digestive health, pain management, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dermatology, urology, and the central nervous system (CNS).

Alpex Pharma, with its state-of-the-art third party manufacturing facilities in Chandigarh and Solan, is prepared to handle any difficulties that lie ahead in the healthcare industry. The organization has always benefited from having a staff that is both skilled and committed. The company’s administrative, production, marketing, and exporting processes are all coordinated with one another via a cutting-edge management coordination system that links all of the divisions together. As long as Alpex Pharma has the backing of its medical professionals and wholesalers, it should have no trouble reaching its objectives.


Why Alpex Pharma ?

Alpex Pharma’s dedication to accountability and professional development among its staff makes it stand out from the competition. The group guarantees that production and delivery of goods and services go off without a hitch. The hard work, dedication, and accountability of our employees have allowed us to grow and develop as a company. We’ve reached the top of our field because of the hard work of our elite group of specialists, who consistently outperform their competitors.



Customer Satisfaction

As a customer-focused company, we adhere to moral business practices that earn the respect of our clients and establish us as a trustworthy partner. Through our extensive knowledge and cutting-edge Alpex Pharma, we are able to guarantee 100% satisfaction for each and every one of our clients. The professionalism we’ve shown has brought us customers from all across the country. We also stress the importance of being on time with every shipment.

Quality Management System

Alpex Pharma follows the guidelines for quality assurance set forth by organizations with the ISO certification. Our quality control system encompasses the entire production process, from raw materials to final packaging and shipping. All the criteria necessary for the efficient running and monitoring of the operations and their documentation are outlined in this system.

Technical Assistance

Choosing the best goods for preliminary qualifying and reaching consensus on product evolution. Staff training on critical topics such as preventing cross-contamination, operating HVAC and water systems, and addressing sterile production difficulties. Correctional action plan drafting and approval. We are always glad to offer our clients comprehensive research and technical support.

Our Commitment

We at Alpex Pharma strive to bring up significant enhancement in order to fulfil the ever-changing needs.  We also ensure the happiness of our patients by making available to them medicines of Global standards, with a personalised approach, at competitive prices. Additionally, we will follow all applicable laws and ordinances of our great nation in an effort to be a responsible corporate citizen and steward of the environment, society, and morality.

Our Innovations

A pharmaceutical company’s innovation system is its backbone. The pursuit of new ideas is what propels the development of cutting-edge technologies. Therefore, Alpex Pharma provides for a sizable fraction of India’s pharmaceutical needs because of its robust infrastructure and technical expertise.

Alpex Pharma has been developing innovative formulations for years using cutting-edge technology. As a result, it has become a symbol in India for high-quality medical care.

The corporation has introduced a technological revolution to the pharmaceutical industry by making innovation a central tenet of its business model. The company’s existing goods, as well as R&D and other areas of production, have all benefited from the unrelenting efforts of the highly technical and dedicated workforce. As part of its mission to disseminate improved formulations, Alpex Pharma has established a centralised R&D centre and separate facilities for F&D and R&D within its facility.

The company is now effectively operating its facility while taking into account the pharmaceutical industry’s needs, underserved markets, and the ever-evolving illness prevalence across the globe.

Invention at Alpex Pharma occurs across the whole product and idea development process. The company has no boundaries when it comes to thinking outside the box and putting those ideas into action. Whether you’re trying to innovate a product, technology, procedure, or idea, this method is aces up. The corporation takes the initiative, organizes clinical trials, and does whatever else is necessary to help better formulations emerge on the market.

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